Hello world!

Hello world! It finally happened, I've written a website in something else than PHP!

I've been interested in Rust for quite a while. A modern systems programming language, with built-in documentation and package manager support, and completely memory safe? Sign me up! The problem is that I'm mostly used to higher level languages:

I've dabbed a bit in C++ before and know the basics, but I disliked having to choose and learn several different build tools for them (Makefiles, CMake, Meson, etc), and stopped taking the time to learn it several times. Then I found Rust, which doesn't have the main problem I had with C++ and has several other nice features as well. Again I had trouble working myself through the tutorial (this time Rust's own book, which is quite good). However, I thought of a project to work on (this website), which severly helped my eager to learn the language.

So after about a week of messing around and trying things, I now have a basic version of a blogging platform running. It's quite simple for now, it reads markdown files from a user-configured directory and parses them into blog posts. The homepage is also a simple markdown file, allowing easy editing without having to recompile the program. I'll probably extend this project with something like a proper config file, an online editor with simple authentication, RSS support (probably the next thing I'll add) and maybe some other things, but that is due to come.

For now I'll try to write some blog posts every once and while about the things that I've been doing, either on this site or on other projects. Those will probably mostly be postmarketOS related, but we'll see what happens.