Hi there, my name is Bart Ribbers, also known as PureTryOut on the internet. I was born in the Netherlands in 1995 (you can do the math), and am a bit of a nerd.

In my spare time I work on postmarketOS, an Alpine Linux based mobile operating system aiming to give phones and other mobile devices a lifetime of 10 years. I'm mostly focused on KDE and Plasma Mobile, but work on the the entire user-land with the goal of giving the end users as much choice as possible in how to use their devices.


I have a blog on which I try to post something every once and while. I have written my own blogging platform for this purpose, and to learn Rust. The website is open-source and the source can be found here. Do not expect the source to be useful for you, as I made it purely for myself and backwards-incompatible changes may be made at any moment.

Hobbies and interests

In every day life I'm mostly busy with computer science related activities and I like messing around with everything open-source and Linux. My computers run on Gentoo Linux, and I run my own server on an old laptop running Debian (which is also currently hosting this website). I attend most of the quarterly Dutch Linux Users Group events in Utrecht, and try to go to FOSDEM every year. For communications I'm a fan of Matrix, and you can find my Matrix ID on the footer of this page.